Walk Around Our Suburb (St Albans) Excursion

On Monday we walked around St Albans as a part of our geography, ‘My Home, My World’ Inquiry Unit. We were able to explore the important features of our community. We saw many shops, medical centres, dental surgery’s, a church, schools, restaurants, banks, childcare centres, supermarkets, the train station and many bus stops. We were lucky enough to have a tour of the St Albans Library and listen to a story read by a Librarian. On the way back to school we got to play for a while on the playground at Errington Reserve which is always a highlight for the children of the St Albans community.




On Wednesday 30th of August all the Preps went for our first excursion to Scienceworks. We had so much fun exploring all the different games and activities Scienceworks has. A particular favourite was the Nitty Gritty session where students played in a cafe; making all kinds of foods and drinks.

We were all super tired by the end of the day and some of us even had a sleep on the bus on the way home!

We can’t wait for our next excursion!!

Book Week

All the preps have been having a great time enjoying Book Week. We had a visit to the Book Fair and students filled their wish lists with books they would love to read.

We also had our annual Book Week Parade on Thursday. It was fabulous to see all the students and teachers dressing up.

Thank you to parents for supporting our Book Fair and for coming along to our Parade.


In our Science Inquiry unit, we have been discovering what things are made of and what their properties are. We have been labeling things around our classroom and outside and found lots of different materials. We found out that our slide is made of plastic and it is smooth. We also discovered that our number 10 numicon is made of foam and is soft and bends.

We have been having so much fun thinking of describing words to talk about how objects feel.


Buddy Reading

As part of our Reading sessions, we meet with our Grade 5/6 buddies to do some reading once a week. They are a great help in ensuring all students get to read with a more experienced reader and they also assist with the students learning their coloured words.

Room 17 reads with Room 20 on Wednesday morning.

Room 19 reads with Room 16 on Monday after Recess.

All students love this experience and look forward to it every week!

From the Prep Teachers 🙂

Prep Family Picnic

On Monday 22nd of May, as a part of their Inquiry Unit, “Our Family History”, the Preps hosted a picnic for their families. The children bought lunch to share with their friends and enjoyed introducing their family members to everyone in their class.


Parents shared stories about their own experiences of school. Levi’s dad told everyone that when he went to school they had to create their own games because they didn’t have playgrounds. Lendl, Elena and Anh’s mothers went to school in Vietnam, and they told everyone that they went home for lunch and then had to go back to school until 5pm!

It was such a fun learning experience for the Prep students who have learnt many things about their family history and now have another great experience talk and write about.

Thank you Prep families for making the picnic such fun!!