A Perfect Example of Student Voice – Axel from Room 19

As a part of our Inquiry unit, My Home, My World the Preps have been exploring places that are special to them. One of our Prep students, Axel, identified our school as a special place to him. He decided that he must take some action to care for his special place. At a moments notice Axel spoke to the whole school to tell them about his plan and ask for their help! Please watch the videos to see him in action!


Walk Around Our Suburb (St Albans) Excursion

On Monday we walked around St Albans as a part of our geography, ‘My Home, My World’ Inquiry Unit. We were able to explore the important features of our community. We saw many shops, medical centres, dental surgery’s, a church, schools, restaurants, banks, childcare centres, supermarkets, the train station and many bus stops. We were lucky enough to have a tour of the St Albans Library and listen to a story read by a Librarian. On the way back to school we got to play for a while on the playground at Errington Reserve which is always a highlight for the children of the St Albans community.