Excursion to Woolies!!

The preps were lucky enough to all partake in a wonderful walk to their local Woolies to learn about all the healthy things that can fit in their bodies. Students had a tour of the store and even got a chance to look and go inside the chilly freezer!

What a way to wrap up learning about healthy foods!

100 Days Of School Celebration

Congratulations to the Preps on their first ever 100 days of school!

Thank you to all the parents and carers for the lovely food you provided for our picnic and for dressing students up to celebrate this milestone.

We hope you enjoyed watching what the Preps had to say about their first 100 days of school at assembly.


This term we have been working on our prepositions during PMP. Some examples we have been learning are:

  • up
  • over
  • in/out
  • through

Here are some great photo’s of us having so much fun learning about the word ‘in’! We have that much fun at PMP that we sometimes forget we are even learning!!


We would love some mums and dads to come and help us during PMP, so if you’re free on Tuesday morning let your child’s teacher know.